Anong Network Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was modified last May 7, 2020

Network Identifier App

Anong Network is a tool to identify the network instantly of the first four (prefix) number through user input to identify what network a particular prefix is (eg. 0977, 0944) which does not store any input from any of its users. This app is intended to be used, and mostly relevant for Filipinos and network users within the Philippines. This should end their confusion on what network they're trying to reach, basically to protect their prepaid credits and maximize their unlimited call and text for the numbers within the same network.

Google Analytics

This website has Google Analytics and Google Adsense installed that collects information including page visits, bounce rate, traffic sources, device categories, location and other data that doesn't show any personal data.

Google stores all this information on their servers and never here. To know more about Google's Privacy Policy, check it here.